Assistant Professor of Economics
Carnegie Mellon University
University of Pennsylvania (on leave 2018-2019)

Research Affiliate in Industrial Organization
Center for Economic Policy and Research Development (CEPR)

Contact Information
Phone: (908) 432-7889


Research Interests

I study various topics in microeconomics with a focus on models of information, including learning models where individuals have information-processing biases and how information influences equilibrium payoffs and behavior in dynamic games. I also work on questions related to discrimination, the optimal design of experiments and contracting, with applications to designing ratings systems and providing incentives in online labor markets.

Publications & Working Papers

  1. "Informational Herding with Model Misspecification.Journal of Economic Theory (2016).
  2. "Optimal Design of Experiments in the Presence of Interference," with S. Baird, C. McIntosh and B. Ozler. Forthcoming in Review of Economics & Statistics (2018). 
            Replication Files
            Design software (cited below)
  3. "The Language of Discrimination: Using Experimental versus Observational Data," with A. Imas and M. Rosenberg. American Economic Association (Papers & Proceedings) (2018).
  4. "Social Learning with Model Misspecification: A Framework and a Robustness Result," with D. Hauser. R&R at Econometrica
  5. "The Dynamics of Discrimination: Theory and Evidence," with A. Imas and M. Rosenberg. R&R at American Economic Review
  6. "Using Persistence to Generate Incentives in a Dynamic Moral Hazard Problem." R&R at Theoretical Economics
  7. "Optimal Contracting with Costly State Verification, with an Application to Crowdsourcing," with T. Kravitz
  8. "Optimal Rating Design with Moral Hazard" (draft available upon request)
  9. "Should Straw Polls be Banned? Communication and Collusion in Committees," with S.N. Ali.

Work in Progress

  1. "Misinterpreting Social Outcomes and Information Campaigns," with D. Hauser. (extended abstract)
  2. “Inaccurate Statistical Discrimination,” with Kareem Haggag, Alex Imas and Devin Pope


A. Bohren, P. Staples, S. Baird, C. McIntosh and B. Ozler, (2016). Power Calculation Software for Randomized Saturation Experiments, Version 1.0. Available from

Environments: R, Python, Matlab, Graphical User Interface (GUI)